Foil Fencing

West End Swords offers modern foil fencing programs for youth (ages 9-15) and adults (ages 16+). 

Beginners are welcome to register and join our classes any time. New students will work with a coach to learn about equipment, safety, rules, and a foundation for good technique.  Once they are familiar with the basics they will integrated with the rest of the class, which is comprised of students with varying levels of experience and skill.

Equipment will be provided for beginner students.

Regular students (ie. returning participants) will continue to develop their skills and knowledge through group instruction, and private lessons within class time. Regular students are required to purchase a sous plastron (also called under arm protector) and a glove, and register with the OFA.  We strongly encourage regular students to also acquire a basic kit consisting of (min 350NW) mask, jacket, dry practice foil.

Club gear may be borrowed for class time; however priority will be given to beginners.

All participants must bring a pair of clean indoor gym shoes, wear long (athletic) pants, and are advised to bring a water bottle!


Need more info? Check out our FAQ section.