How do I register/pay?  


Online registrations for RecFencing (once a week) can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, or Visa-Debit through our WellnessLiving page.
If you would prefer to pay by cash or cheque please:

1.      Create your participant account on WellnessLiving
2.      Email Subject: Cash/Chq Registration Content: program days/times.  
3.      We will register you “on account” and send you an invoice.  

Cash/cheque payments must be pre-arranged to ensure a space is reserved in the class. Cash payments are given a due date, and must be paid in exact change. There is no till on site, so we cannot make change. A receipt will be emailed to you when payment is received.

Do not send payment by mail.

How do I get the RecPlus or Competitive discount?

If you are registering for a RecPlus (twice a week) or Competitive (three times a week) package, please:

1.      Create your participant account on WellnessLiving

2.      Email Subject: package type (RecPlus or Competitive) Content: program days/times.  

3.      We will register you “on account” with the package discounts and send you an invoice with instructions to pay.

Can I register/pay in person?


No. We will not have an admin staff or till on site, and our coaches want to be coaching.

All registrations take place online or are arranged by email if cash/cheque/discount is required (as outlined above).

What is the OFA, and why do I need a membership?

The Ontario Fencing Association is the governing body of Fencing provincially which operates under the Canadian Fencing Federation (CFF).
Your OFA license provides you (and your fencing club) with insurance and the ability to compete!

Why didn’t my previous club require an OFA membership?

Some fencing clubs arrange to have their own insurance because they have additional insurance needs. For example, if a business offers 2 sports (lets say, fencing and archery) they may choose to cover both sports under one policy rather than having separate policies.

Which OFA membership should I get?

Every regular (returning) foil & historical fencer is required to have (at least) the basic Recreational Membership (which costs $35 and includes a CFF License). This membership will provide you with coverage whether you are fencing at West End Swords, or if you decide to check out another registered fencing club. It will also cover you at local Just For Fun tournaments.

For people who are looking to compete for points in ranked tournaments (as opposed to JFF/Just For Fun tournaments), you would need to get a Competitive Membership (or U15 Competitive Membership if you are 15 years old or younger). Competitive Memberships also include the CFF License, basic insurance, and allow you to compete for points. The Competitive Membership is $80 and the U15 Comp Membership is $42. If you are not sure about competing for points, just get your Recreational Membership, you can upgrade later and pay the difference only.

Beginner fencers (taking their first session) do not need to get an OFA membership. West End Swords will register them as Associates. If you take another session, you need to get a Recreational Membership.

What do I do with my OFA number?

Email a copy of your confirmation to so we can note your license number on your file.

What happens if I don’t get my OFA membership?

You will not be able to participate in our fencing programs.  Your cancellation will be processed in accordance with our refund policy.

Do I need my own equipment?

All beginners: equipment is provided. Please bring a pair of clean indoor gym shoes, and wear long comfortable/athletic pants.

Regular/returning foil fencers: you are required to have a sous plastron and glove. We highly recommend you also invest in your own basic kit (mask, jacket, dry foil), however we understand this can take some time. Club gear can be borrowed, however priority is given to beginner students. Equipment must be minimum 350NW.

Competitive foil fencers: you are required to have your own basic kit, and electric gear.

Where can I buy fencing equipment?

Fencing equipment can be ordered through these retailers:

  • Absolute
  • Allstar
  • Blue Gauntlet
  • Ideal Fencing
  • Leon Paul USA
  • Negrini
  • And many more!

What about buying used equipment?

As long as the equipment meets the safety standards of 350N and is in good condition, it is good to fence with.