Pre-season Training Camp

Fencing Pre-season Training Camp

(Min age 14+ recommended)

Aug 26 - 30, 2019  9am-4pm


This program is designed for experienced fencers who are looking to improve their skills. There will be a competitive focus to the training; however, experience with competing in tournaments is not required.

Training content will be divided into five performance factors: fencing specific dry training, individualized fencing style, mental preparation, technical skills, and managing self-care strategies as an athlete.  Each day will include a focused lecture, discussion, related footwork, blade work, conditioned bouting, dry training, and stretching.

Students will be introduced to periodization training for organizing their training, competitions, and recovery to assist in achieving optimal performance on tournament days.

Students are asked to bring a blank notebook, as we start the week off with goal setting and development of individualized tactical repertoire.


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Pre-Season Training Camp Curriculum

●      Increase skills repertoire, refine technical skills, tactics, and strategy

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●      Consolidate and refine mental skills

o   Competitive specific mental preparation to optimize competition readiness (ideal performance state)

o   Resistance to mental fatigue

o   Adaptability to unforeseen circumstances

●      Develop individual fencing style

o   Develop style and practice styles in a variety of comp situations

●      Understanding concepts and introduced to a variety of fencing specific dry training

o   Speed, Strength, ana/aerobic endurance, agility, flexibility, hand-eye coordination, balance, and overall coordination

●      Introduce the maintenance and managing of sport nutrition, warm-up, pre-competition routine, and recovery

CAMP SPECIFIC Refund Terms & Conditions:

●      A full refund is available for participants who cancel at least 2 weeks prior to camp start date.

●      Cancellations requests received less than 2 weeks prior to the session start date will be refunded minus a $35 admin fee.

●      Once the camp week has begun, the program is no longer available for refund.

●      West End Swords does not provide refunds for missed classes.

●      West End Swords does not provide make-up classes.

●      Registrations are not transferable to other sessions.

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