Historical Rapier

West End Swords offers historical rapier for adults (ages 16+). Participants will learn basic fighting techniques of the rapier, duelling weapon of the Renaissance era. This Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) course provides instruction on the offensive and defensive use of the rapier based on the Italian fencing treatises of the 17th century. Returning participants will continue study of the rapier and as well as rapier's use in combination with secondary weapon (dagger). 

Beginners are welcome to register and join our classes any time. New students will work with a coach to learn about equipment, safety, rules, and a foundation for good technique.  Once they are familiar with the basics they will integrated with the rest of the class, which is comprised of students with varying levels of experience and skill. Equipment will be provided, however returning students are encouraged to acquire their own gear. 


Regular students (ie. returning participants) will continue to develop their skills and knowledge through group instruction, and private lessons within class time.  Regular students are required to register for a Recreational Membership with the OFA. Please consult with coaches before purchasing a rapier, to ensure it will meet our standards.  

All participants must bring a pair of clean indoor gym shoes, wear long (athletic) pants, and are advised to bring a water bottle!